There Is No Western Diet

There Is No Western Diet

For my previous obesity I blame myself. Thirty years ago, when I weighed fifty pounds more than I do now, and was constantly tired and sweaty. I was repeatedly bingeing on refined carbohydrates – sugar and white flour. Nowadays I don’t eat them at all.

Through what I believe is my genetically induced eating disorder, the first bite of these substances leads me to crave for more. So I don’t eat them. For the same reason I don’t drink alcohol.

By working the Twelve Step programme each day, I am at peace with myself and the world in general and my weight doesn’t change.

All this – apart from my genetics – is my own choice. I cannot blame the government or the shops for what I put into my own mouth. Nor can I blame food companies or advertisers or restaurants. I myself am totally responsible for my body weight and shape.

Through osteoporosis – another genetic gift from my mother – I am now six and a half inches shorter than I used to be. My collapsing spine curves me into a stoop. So what? I take ten minutes of static exercise every morning when I get out of bed and I walk up seventy seven stairs – sufficient to get me out of breath – three times every day. I never waste time and money on a gym or pool or personal trainer.

As a result of these daily commitments to myself, I am fit and healthy. The eating and exercising habits of other Westerners have no influence on me whatever.

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