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Medical Tourism Fame

There is a cluster of Joint Commission International, along with prestige Medical Tourist associations north and south of the border. It´s proximity to the United States has made it a popular destination for American and Canadian medical tourists who worry about travelling long distances, which may exacerbate certain ailments. We are located only 30 minutes from San Diego and around two hours from LAX!

 Mexico has a history of being a popular destination for North Americans seeking health care in foreign countries, as well as Mexican-Americans who return home in order to visit their family doctor/dentist and save money. Mexico originally gained popularity as a spot for dentistry and cosmetic surgery, but orthopedic procedures have recently gained momentum. Boasting state of the art facilities on par with American hospitals, Mexico is one of the premier destinations for medical tourists.


Spanish is the main spoken language in Mexico however, English is widely understood by most Mexicans in border towns and in major cities, particularly popular tourist areas.


Beautiful weather, almost perfect some say; the temperature is usually warm with pleasant summers and mild winters. The annual average is 69oF (20oC).

Visa  / Entrance Requirements

A visa is not necessary in order to enter Mexico, however you will need a valid passport to come back into the US… or a passport card. A tourist can stay in Mexico for a maximum of 180 days (without a visa)

Airlines Servicing this Destination

You may fly into San Diego, Ca and take the short, beautiful 38 mile drive from its airport, or fly into Tijuana, which’s international airport is only 25 miles north.

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