Be Aware Of The Effects Of Steroid Use – Reality Vs. Fascinating Advertisements

Be Aware Of The Effects Of Steroid Use – Reality Vs. Fascinating Advertisements

Athletes banned or suspended for using steroids is a common news everyone must have heard of. Though, we all know steroids are used by bodybuilders, athletes and many gym goers for muscle growth and performance enhancement. Have you ever considered the type of steroids they consume and their actual effects on human body?

The steroid used by these people are a group of anabolic steroids usually synthetic derivatives of naturally occurring hormones most likely testosterone. These groups of steroids produces anabolic effects in the consumers by retaining protein in the body of the users which is then used for building muscles and enhancement of one’s performance skills.

Steroid consumption facts

Most commonly used by young athletes, bodybuilders, those pursuing endurance sports, models, football players and even some adolescents who believe that steroids will quicken their puberty and maturation.

These steroids are either used as oral drugs or as intramuscular injections in controlled dosage. But, many users who desire quick results often consume steroids in mega doses without realizing and observing the common signs of anabolic steroid use their body signals, thus getting them into the trap of irreversible side effects.

Though, some steroids can be medically used with prescription for the treatment of:

  • osteoporosis
  • anemia
  • Dermatological problems
  • endometriosis
  • breast cancer, etc.

However, the unmonitored use of steroids for non-medical purpose is unsafe and usually banned.


What signs can be commonly seen in steroid users?

Illegal use of steroids is not uncommon and many people end up consuming them in the race of getting into shape quickly without indulging in any hard work. Signs of using anabolic steroids can be seen both internally as well as on the external human body. Some of the visible external signs in steroid users are:

  • Rapid gain in muscle mass simultaneously accompanied by rapid gain in weight
  • Steroid users are more prone to acne especially on shoulders and back
  • Hair and skin loses texture and become oily, hair loss and baldness is even more common.

These are just the superficial effects, the following internal effects are more damaging:

  • Mood swings and steroid use go hand in hand, the person may also suffer from paranoia.
  • Transient or permanent increase in blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Long term steroid use may also cause infertility and diseases of liver and heart.
  • Men may end up with enlarged breasts and puffy nipples while women may suffer from enlarged clitoris, irregular periods and reduced breast tissue.

Bodybuilders or athletes often using steroids would show an immediate enhancement in their performance levels, dramatic improvement in their muscular physique but what effect these steroids have actually produced in their body functioning is something to worry about.

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